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Tips on Moving Your Office

 We specialize in representing office tenants who are looking for space to lease and are actively involved in the search process. However, once a location is identified and a lease is signed, there is still a lot of hard work to do – most notably, the move. Although moving an office involves a lot of work, it can be a lot easier if you go about it in an organized fashion.


Typical Move Schedule

The following schedule is based on the relocation of a medium-sized (+/- 5,000 SF) professional office. The schedule for moving a small (one person) office or large (10,000 SF plus) office would be different, although many of the same principles apply. This summary is also not directly applicable to moving a retail or industrial operation.


2 Months Prior to Move

  • Assign employee in charge of coordinating move
  • Establish move date
  • Order voice and data lines for new location and provide termination notice for services in current location if appropriate
  • Interview/hire moving company (or companies)
  • Order change of address post cards
  • Stop ordering stationary for existing location
  • Provide existing Landlord with written notice (this may be more than 2 months, so be sure to review your lease to get the actual deadline)
  • Do preliminary furniture plan for new location and order any items with lead time


1 Month Prior to Move

  • Get printed floor plan for existing & new office. Number each room on both plans
  • Mail change of address notices to clients, vendors, service providers
  • Order stationary and business cards for new location
  • Arrange to have utilities turned off in current location and turned on in the new location
  • Arrange for phone coverage on move day


1 Week Prior to Move

  • Assemble moving supplies – boxes, carts, labels, etc.
  • Verify service changes with all vendors (phone, internet, utilities)


1-2 Days Prior to Move

  • Pack all office contents in boxes
  • Label all items to be moved with removable labels ( template )
  • Establish petty cash fund for move day


Move Day

  • Assign employee in charge at both locations
  • Verify completion, document damage and pay movers
  • Post "moved to new location" sign on existing suite door



  • Follow up with former Landlord on exit inspection and Security Deposit
  • Submit damage claims to movers if necessary