Michigan Commercial Space Advisors

Be represented and advised—not brokered.

Your lawyer doesn't represent both sides.

Neither should your commercial real estate broker.

On your side—and only on your side.

True representation to help you cut through the fog.

What Makes Us Unique… and Why Should That Matter?

Michigan Commercial Space Advisors exclusively represents tenants and buyers—never landlords. As a result, we have no inventory (nothing to sell you, except great service) and are free to place you in the building or space that works best for you rather than being influenced by the one that pays us the highest commission. We start with the universe of available properties and narrow those options down based on your unique space needs.

Contact us now for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation on your space requirements.

IMPORTANT BUSINESS UPDATE – Please note that Michigan Commercial Space Advisors IS still open for business. We are under a mandatory shelter in place order through at least April 13, 2020. Fortunately, we have long been set up to work remotely and have not experienced an interruption in business. However, real estate sales and leasing services are not considered an essential service under Executive Order 2020-21, which will effectively limit or slow down the services we can provide. Here is a short list of typical activities associated with leasing and sales activity that are either prohibited or permitted over the next 3 weeks:

Prohibited: Property tours; most construction; in-person meetings.

Permitted: Consulting (phone or email); property searches and other online research; negotiations.

If we are currently working on an assignment for you we will reach out to you with periodic status updates. If you are an existing or prospective tenant wondering what you should do over the next 6-12 months, please give us a call to discuss your options. Chris Atwater; (616) 233-8019; Chris@iTenantRep.com