Our core focus is representing office, retail, and light industrial users as they search for space to lease or purchase in the West Michigan area. However, given our broad base of experience in ownership, development, appraisal, and consulting, we are also available on a case-by-case basis for related real estate assignments. A further description of our primary and ancillary services is outlined below.

Tenant and Buyer Representation

We represent tenants and buyers looking for office, retail, and industrial space. Our primary geographic focus is the West Michigan area, although we have performed (and are available for) assignments throughout the State of Michigan and can facilitate leasing or property acquisitions worldwide through our network of exclusive tenant representatives. As an exclusive tenant and buyer representative, we only represent buyers and tenants, never landlords or owners. This eliminates the inherent commission and agency conflicts associated with working with a traditional full-service agency (i.e., a brokerage firm that works for both landlords/owners and tenants/buyers).

If you think you might like to purchase rather than lease space, give us a call. We can provide a detailed “lease vs. purchase” analysis for those clients who are unsure of the most advantageous occupancy strategy.

Investment Acquisitions

Looking for a single or multi-tenant property to purchase as an investment? Commercial real estate can be a key component of a diversified investment portfolio. We can help you decide between a passive or active investment and can also facilitate a qualified 1031 exchange.

Site Selection

The site selection process varies greatly based on the type of occupancy—office, retail, or industrial. We can help you understand and prioritize your industry and company-specific needs and apply that profile to a land or space search as your representative.

Representation Support Services

While our core in-house competency is tenant and buyer representation, we also recognize that every transaction will likely involve a number of other vendors and qualified professionals.

Let’s say you need a real estate attorney. Rather than simply refer you to the Yellow Pages, we can provide you with a list of several preferred service providers—qualified and personally vetted attorneys—from our Preferred Provider Network. To be clear, this is not a list of referral partners that we trade business leads with. To get put on the list, they must demonstrate competency in their particular field, and we always follow up on a referral to make sure that vendor did a good job. If not, they are removed from the list. In addition, we intentionally do not accept referral fees. These individuals are on the list because they will provide you with great service, not because they pay us a referral fee.

Services we can give you a qualified referral to include:

  • Accounting
  • Property management
  • Real estate attorneys
  • Janitorial service
  • Architectural/space planning
  • Interior design
  • Voice/data wiring
  • Voice/data carrier selection and management
  • General contractors and construction
  • Construction sub-trades
  • Security
  • Property and liability insurance
  • Systems furniture
  • Record storage and shredding
  • Signage
  • Title insurance
  • White noise and video conferencing
  • Financing (loan) consulting

General Consulting and Analysis

We are available on a case-by-case basis for real estate consulting assignments. Examples of consulting assignments we have performed in the past include the following:

  • Highest and best use
  • Tax and assessment review
  • Land use
  • Supply and demand
  • Lease vs. purchase